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City Commission Office

  1. Commission Boards Application

    You are encouraged to serve on a City Commission Board as an unpaid volunteer. If you are interested, please complete and submit this... More…

  2. Speaker Request Form

    If you would like the Mayor or a City Commissioner to attend and/or speak at your upcoming event, please provide details and speaker... More…

  1. Request a Proclamation, Greeting or Wedding

    The Mayor issues proclamations designating an honorary day to commemorate major events, conferences and lifetime achievements. The... More…

City Manager's Office

  1. Joseph T. Cline Award Nomination

    The Joseph T. Cline Awards Fund was established in 1984 at The Dayton Foundation by Carolynne H. Cline, daughter of the late Joseph T.... More…

Economic Development

  1. Dayton Mayor's Fund of the Dayton Foundation

    Showcase the reasons for your neighborhood pride and your group may be awarded a grant of up to $1,000!


  1. Fire Department - Request for Public Education and Presentations

    The Dayton Fire Department provides personnel and fire apparatus to attend community events free of charge. We are only able to provide... More…

Planning & Community Development

  1. 2017 Community Engagement Grants Application

    The Community Engagement Grants Program supports neighborhood organizations in their efforts to provide quality programming through... More…

  2. Quadricycle Permit Application

    Application for operating a quadricycle

  1. Dayton City Beautiful Award

    Recognizing and Encouraging Civic Pride

  2. VITA Tax Preparer Volunteer

    Every tax season, the City of Dayton's Division of Community Development works with regional partners to coordinate free,... More…


  1. Bicycle Registration
  2. Police Guest or Speaker Appearance Request

    If you would like a Dayton Police Officer to be a guest or a speaker at your upcoming event, please fill out this request and provide... More…

  1. Feedback Form

    Please complete this form to provide your feedback to, or request information from, the Dayton Police Department. Please note that you... More…

Public Affairs

  1. Photo Submission Form

    The City of Dayton wants to see your view of our community! Submit your best photos of Dayton—the skyline, architecture, nature,... More…

  1. Public Records Request

    Requests for Public Records may be completed by submitting the form below. The following information is requested on a voluntary basis... More…

Public Works

  1. Customer Service Feedback

    The City of Dayton is committed to delivering excellent customer service. If you have any feedback on City services or personnel,... More…

  2. Neighborhood Cleanup Application

    Instructions: 1. Complete application and submit three weeks prior to event. 2. Wait for notification of approval of event. 3.... More…

  3. Waste Collection Special Event Request Form
  1. Encoder Order Request Form
  2. Turn On Request

    Please complete the following information to permit the water to be restored.

Recreation & Youth Services

  1. Facility Rental Agreement Form

    The Facility Rental Agreement must be completed whenever requesting to rent a facility. The completion and submission of the form does... More…

  1. Sponsorship Application

    Individuals and organizations that are interested in becoming a sponsor for the Department of Recreation and Youth Services should... More…